Thursday, January 10, 2008


Sometimes I set aside
All those things that interest me
But that I am not yet ready to deal with decisively
Into piles
Waiting for further attention.

Books not read.
Notes to self.
Research material.
Things written.
Items to file.
Business cards.

It builds until
I must attack it;
Organize it;
Dump it;
File it;
Move it;
Do it.

Is it a sign
Of a disorganized mind?
Is it a sign
Of too many interests and not enough time?
Is it a sign
Of laziness?

It is a symptom
Of priorities
Of urgencies
Of importance
Of ... OK, laziness.

Efficiency is the product of laziness for it seeks the easiest path.


Matt H. said...

Thanks for stopping by, McClintock was one of the greatest movies ever made, course that is my opinion, not my wifes. I love westerns, and John Wayne was great! Gunsmoke is one of my all time favorites.
Like your blog, I will drop in and look more later.

Sandy Kessler said...

ouch I see you've seen my desk ibeati

Anonymous said...

I believe if something "really" interests you, then you would make time for it!