Thursday, November 29, 2007


Black anger
Welling in the soul of my despair
Seeks vengeance
On the one by whom I am betrayed
And yet the darkness itself
Wreaks havoc
On my spirit
And hammers me with the blows
Of self demolition
As I dwell within the pit
Of my own creation
For my thoughts
Are egoistic
And not centered
In the One who can save me
From myself.

For those of you who might read too much into the brief expression above -- don't. It rises from a moment of frustration that was simply exaggerated through imagining how some might feel who are consumed with anger -- and then applying my own resolution (yet not my own, but God's) to the problem; namely, that Christ bears all burdens when we allow Him to do so. He can lift even the darkest despair from the shoulders of those who trust in Him.


i beati said...

whew !! thanks for the explanation - that is where I was going with it but for a split second I envisioned you (perhaps in the old West) seeking revenge (snicker)

Anonymous said...

anger properly channeled can be a source of good.

Plowing and Sowing said...

I too was glad for the explanation. I thought you might be a little wrapped tight from traveling so much.

Panhandle Poet said...

P&S: That made me chuckle -- and I needed it. I am a little road weary/saddle sore/whatever you want to call it.


You kinda nailed human nature there

Incognito said...

Poetic license...
some nice poems Pan!
am continuing on down the blog..