Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cell Phone Ettiquette

One of the most annoying things
Is for a speaker to be interrupted
By a cellphone going off
In the middle of a presentation.

No, annoying isn't the proper word.
Rude would be a better description.
Sometimes I want to just walk over,
Grab the phone and stomp it to pieces.

Almost every program nowdays
Begins with the admonition
"Please turn all cell phones
And pagers to off or to silent."

And yet, they ring anyway.
No, they don't ring. They blare out
"The Imperial March" from Star Wars,
Or some other personal ringtone.

It's never a quiet ring.
It's always turned as loud as possible --
That's for old folks like me
Who need it turned up to hear it.

It just drives me crazy.
The phone rings,
The speaker pauses,
People look around --

Oops. I guess I forgot to turn mine off.....


Hillbilly Willy said...

Speaking of cell phones - This is what Willy had to say a while Back.

You may have already read it!

Hillbilly Willy and his Cell Phone

10-4 Willy

i beati said...

I am perusing my links this a.m. and June at Spatter also has a post on cell phones reminding us that just a few years back we wee so quietly secretive on the phone and now we pretty much know others business.I like judges in the courtrooms and principals at meetings. hahah They go stark raving mad if a phone goes off. I take one on trips but optherwise do not use one in public. My life is too clandestine ahhaahah

i beati said...

were not wee that's another situation ha

WomanHonorThyself said...

yikes my cell broke today..LOL

Janie said...

Lord. That has SO happened to me before.

Incognito said...

They usually go off during a very quiet, intense moment during a show. Very annoying, especially when people are asked to turn them off before the show starts.

And what's worse, is when they start to have a conversation.