Monday, September 10, 2007

What Drives You?

What are you passionate about?
Is there something that drives you?
Is there something that consumes most of your energy?
What is it that makes you want to get up in the morning?

Where is your focus?
Do you have an all-consuming fire?
What fills your thoughts?
What makes you forget sleep?

Seek to be passionate about something that is worthy of passion.
Share your passion with others.
Be a leader, a mentor, a keeper of the flame.
Live with passion.

If you would like, share what you passion is in the comments.


Ranando said...

I have a few passions.

1. Living life to it's fullest, each and everyday.
2. My wife and animals.
3. Surfing.
4. Fly-Fishing.
5. Seeing the world and meeting new people.
6. Business: Product development, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and just doing it better then anyone else.

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice question and nice post Poet..............too many to mention !

MotherPie said...

Yes, life should be lived with passion. Sometimes they ebb, flow and change.

Hobbies, being with family, hiking, service, art, photography...

Anonymous said...

My passion is making enough money to pay the bills and staying alive.

Anonymous said...

I'm very passionate about my children.
I would breathe for them if I needed to.
They are the only reason I work so a job that is sucking the very life out of me.
Strange...isn't it?

CDO said...

Passionate about living life. Used to be about making a living and providing - Now it is about finding the good in everyday.

Its a shame that we sometimes let making a living and providing get in the way.

Sometimes I have to declare "get thee behind me satan!" get it all straight and move on.

I now try to consider my job as a mission to help others rather than just a job! Somedays it works some days it dont!

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sandykessler said...

I love the question- I'm passionate about faith , gardening, writing, loving, living a positive life, my animals, friends, relatives, anture and on and on..bit I know none of that comes with out My FATher in HEAVEn.i tried many timnes n my life to do other jobs, but ended up coming back always to kids(still work with them) 42 years teaching

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I empathize completely.

Plowing and Sowing said...

Very passionate about my kids and getting them raised. I am very greatful that the oldest three have accepted Christ and the youngest asks a lot of specific questions about Jesus and God. I try to spend as much alone time as I can with my wife, along with spending as much time as I can with my kids. We have fun. I am sure that my focus will change when they start going off to college in a few years.

Incognito said...

Passionate about God and nature photography, but that's probably because I feel closer to God in nature.