Friday, September 7, 2007

Not Me!!!

It's a sad commentary on the state of the world when I get a notification from McAfee that I need to verify my subscription in order for it to continue and I am so paranoid of creative Phishing that I was very hesitant to do it. Everything looked legitimate so I went ahead and did it. If something blows up now I will blame myself.

Shifting blame is something that I learned NOT to do a long time ago. I am responsible for what happens to me. If something blows up it was because I 1) did something wrong, 2) didn't anticipate all of the possibilities, 3) wasn't completely prepared, 4) didn't put enough preventive measures in place, 5) assigned the wrong people to the task, or 6) didn't prepare them for the task. Whatever the outcome, I am responsible.

It seems that youth today are masters at "it's not my fault." Do they learn it from society or is it a natural instinct? It starts when they are babies. I thought the Family Circle cartoons were so very appropriate with the little "not me" goblin hanging around when the mother asked one of the kids, "who did it?" It stays with kids until it is "trained" out of them. Sadly, some people never lose the victim mentality.

Every corporation has a few individuals sprinkled throughout the organization that are masters at never being responsible when something doesn't go well. Of course, they never accomplish anything because that creates the opportunity for failure. But, they often rise within an organization because they never "fail" at anything. They are usually quite artful at taking credit for successes and "selling their value" to their boss. They are frequently hated by those who must answer to them. They are bureaucrats but never leaders. They should be cleaning toilets.

So, if my computer blows up because of my "verifying" my subscription it may go in the toilet.


Anonymous said...

That's strange. I use McAfee at home and at work and I've never gotten a message like that. Maybe it's something new, though.

Janie said...

Don't ever go in through the e-mail. If it's real, just log in to McAfee and the message should be there.