Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gene Autry

I've been reminded by Conservative Cowboy that today marks the 100th birthday of Gene Autry. You can follow this link to his post about him.

Here are the words to:

Back in the Saddle Again

I`m back in the saddle again
Out where a friend is a friend
Where the longhorn cattle feed
On the lowly gypsum weed
Back in the saddle again

Ridin` the range once more
Totin` my old .44
Where you sleep out every night
And the only law is right
Back in the saddle again

Rockin` to and fro
Back in the saddle again
I go my way
Back in the saddle again


sandykessler said...

All your crooners - nothing compared to Gene- raised with him, and his shows are on again here in crisp black and white,and what a real guy!! Fun and educational day at Alpaca Farm Day ..

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