Friday, September 28, 2007

Do, Doing, Done!

When there is more to do
Of the things you must do
Than you can possibly get done,
How do you do
All the things you must do
In order to ever get done?

It seems there are seasons
For the tasks of this world
That come and go as the spring.
There will be weeks on end
Where the pressure is low
And you don't get wound up about anything.

Then along comes a stretch
Where it all hits the fan
And it seems there's no end in sight;
Everything will pile up
And you can't get it all done
Though you try with all of your might.

So, what do you do
When there is more to do
Than you can possibly get done?
Do you just do what you can
And hope for the best
And leave the rest undone?


Plowing and Sowing said...

It may be that I am getting older or the fact that my kids control my time, but over the past several years I have learned (forced myself)to allow things to go undone. It won't kill you every now and then to let things slide.

Ranando said...


Did I spell that correctly?

Incognito said...

it's delegate ranando... but what the hey..

you make lists prioritize...and do the next thing on the list that didn't get done, when you can. :-)

Anonymous said...

As the great Scarlett Ohara said, "Tomorrow is another day."