Saturday, June 2, 2007

Spring Works

Spring is when most of the big ranches gather their cattle off of the range and work them. It's called "Spring Works" for all you non-agricultural types. The pictures below were taken several years back by a friend of mine who was helping out on one of the big outfits. I hope you enjoy!
Sorting the cattle (separating cows from calves).

Heeling (catching a calf by the back legs).

Easing him out (has one caught and separating him from the rest).

Draggin' (pulling the calf that was caught to where it can be "worked").

Flanking the calf (positioning him for doctoring).

Turning them out.

Taking them home.

Roping and dragging
Aren't common these days.
The ranchers have all
Gone to more modern ways.
They gather the cattle
On four-wheelers now
Instead of the way
Their grandfathers knew how.
They say that it's progress
And that it is smart.
But I think the old ways
Were a work of art.


Incognito said...

Something very cool about cowboys and that whole way of life...

WomanHonorThyself said...

hooah..reminds me of that Toby Keith tune..I wish I was a Cowboy!..dont let PETA see this bro..haha

MotherPie said...

These are great photos and your new banner is pretty spiffy, too.

Last summer was the first time, driving up to Colo., that I noticed that the four wheelers were being used to check fences and cattle.

I have a real hard time accepting that as you are right, it was a work of art. But beyond that, it was teamwork with the animals. Riding a four-wheeler? Gee. Something is just lost along the way.

Panhandle Poet said...

Thanks Mother Pie. That one picture really caught my eye so I put it in the header.

All: There are still plenty of cowboys around this part of the world. In fact, I work with them almost daily. It is rare though to see the work done in the old ways that these pictures show.

Ranando said...

Your right, these are great pics.

I grew up on a ranch, roping, riding the whole thing.