Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Run Fred -- I Think...

The more that I read about him the more I like him. The following is an interesting article about him -- you'll need to follow the link --

WASHINGTON — He’s a presidential player cut from Hollywood cloth, but is Fred Thompson more than a stuffed shirt?
Past colleagues and Tennessee supporters think so, but some political analysts say the former senator has more to prove if he’s serious about running for president in 2008.
"I think his support right now might be a mile wide but an inch deep," said political science professor Sean Evans of .....


It's going to be a long race.

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Incognito said...

Yeah... me too. My dad, who is a Democrat thinks he's solid. So he might appeal to the Dems, as well.

Also like the fact he's an actor! Maybe he'll do something for us, tax-wise.

I just think it's really important to nominate someone who can beat La Clinton. Because if Rush thinks she has an 80% chance of winning... we are in deep doo-doo. And we need a very strong contender.