Thursday, February 8, 2007


In my job I do a lot of traveling. Most of the places that I go to are located in the Plains region of this beautiful country. A lot of folks at home comment to me that it must be great getting to travel all of the time, eat out, and see different places. I know that it sounds glamorous, but it gets old quickly. In my earlier years, a lot of my traveling was by airplane. It seems anymore that most of the places I need to get to are quicker by car than by air. When flying, I usually leave from Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo. But, if for instance I need to travel to Garden City, Kansas, I have to fly Amarillo to Dallas to Denver and then to Garden City. That turns into a full day of travel. Although Garden City is two states away from me, I can drive there in about four hours. Same problem if I'm flying to North Platte, Nebraska. It's about an eight hour drive, or an eight hour flight. Besides, if I drive, I can see the country, make stops when I feel like it, and have the flexibility to make side trips when the mood strikes. I think I've eaten in about every little Mom and Pop Diner in half-a-dozen states. I like the local dives because the food is usually better. But, back to my original thought. After awhile, all of the motel rooms and all of the eating joints begin to look alike. The most difficult part though, is being away from my family. It's hard on everyone when a job requires a lot of travel. Over the coming weeks, I will attempt to add some perspective to this way of life for you. Perhaps some of you might glean a little wisdom here and there. It will be nice to hear your insight.

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