Saturday, February 24, 2007


Throughout most weeks it seems that we are in a continuous, headlong rush. Out of bed with the alarm (sometimes before it goes off) at 5:15 to hit the shower and shave, grab a quick bite of cereal, check the e-mail and the news, then dress and head to work is the way most days start. They generally include rushing home from work (when I'm not out of town) to get ready to head somewhere else that evening. Sometimes supper occurs before, and sometimes after the evening activity.

Saturdays are different though. Saturdays generally are lived at a much slower pace. I don't get out of bed quite as early and breakfast is usually something homemade and eaten much more leisurely. I still have to check the e-mail and the news to see what's happening in the world, but there's no rush for doing so.

Sometimes there are activities on Saturday, but we have deliberately taken care to not schedule them to where it is rush, rush, rush, from one to the other. I guess that is the advantage of having only one child (now a teenager) left at home. It is easier to do that.

We often do the usual chores on Saturday such as cleaning house and washing clothes. But a lot of that gets done during the week so that Saturday can be more relaxing.

Reading is one of my favorite Saturday activities. When there is nothing pressing to be done, it is easy to kick back in a comfortable chair and read the afternoon away. It helps to wash away the stresses of the week so that I'm in a better frame of mind for the next one.

Saturday is also a good day for pursuing hobbies such as writing, or playing the fiddle. I don't care much for watching television, so while others in the house are doing that, I'll often find a quiet place to read, or I'll work on a hobby. As the weather warms, I'm sure that I will be doing something outside on those lazy Saturday afternoons.

It seems that most people that I talk to on Sunday -- when I ask them about their Saturday -- have just as hectic, and sometimes worse, schedules on Saturday as the rest of the week. I always ask them why they are so involved in things that they don't have time to sit and enjoy life occasionally. Usually they don't know why but agree that they would like to.

The restfulness is important to me. It is a way of re-charging for the coming week. I believe that it makes a person more effective. I'm not opposed to being involved in worthwhile activities, I just think rest and relaxation is necessary for one's health. We all need to slow down a little bit, or we will burn ourselves out much too early.

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