Saturday, February 17, 2007

An Eagle

Coming back from Amarillo today, there was a bald eagle circling low over a wheat field. It is the first one that I've seen in the area in two years. He appeared to be hunting.

I could see him from a distance and immediately noted the size. His wingtips slightly curled up as he was coming straight toward me, all I could see was the silhouette -- I couldn't see any color -- only black. As I approached down the road, he turned, providing a classic view with the magnificent white head turned, searching; his tail flared for control.

Ahead of me, and behind me, were about twenty vehicles. I wonder if any of them saw him. Or, were they so focused on getting where they were going that they completely missed such a beautiful symbol of our country.

I wonder if any of them realized the life-and-death drama playing itself out within a few yards of them. I'm sure that eagle found his prey and quickly consumed him.

I think too often we are so focused on our own little world that we miss what's going on around us. Maybe we're afraid to look for fear of what might be there. Maybe we are just so self-absorbed that we don't want to be distracted from our own agenda. Maybe...

It was only a brief glimpse, but I've thought about that eagle all day. I wonder where he is now.

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Anonymous said...

We see the most beautiful sunrises in the mornings on or way to school. I always point this out to my little passengers. Sometimes, we have to stop and teach our children to appreciate what most of us take for granted.