Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random Thoughts on Progress

Yesterday the contractor started work on our barn/vet shed at the ranch.  It will take them a couple of weeks to complete the structure -- not because of size, but because concrete will have to dry.  It is just a simple structure, but important to our cattle working.

It's good to see progress. 

One of my co-workers rode out with me after work yesterday to check the progress.  As I drove him around the place and we looked, I was struck by the piles of brush and cut wood and obvious progress that has been made on the cleanup of old fence and brush.  It made me feel pretty good that the aches in my muscles were generated from a good deal of obvious progress. 

There's always a cost to progress. 

Things are starting to happen here at work as well.  I am now into my second month and it seems that the "learning curve" has been steep.  Now it is time to apply what I have been learning.  Yesterday, we put together a "hit list" of prospective customers for me to go visit.  I even had the opportunity to visit with one of them yesterday.  It was a very positive conversation that will hopefully result in new business.  It is important to feel productive.

Productivity is a form of progress.

Perhaps it is arrogant of me to think so, but in spite of my slow start at developing new business, I believe I have made a positive impact on things here at work.  My contributions have been small in some ways -- such as a spreadsheet to make a somewhat complex calculation easier.  Much of what I feel that I have contributed is simply a product of my gray hair -- or, at least, the experience that helped to turn it gray.  I can be a sounding board for some of the younger ones here.  It is amazing what a calm demeanor can do for the "atmosphere" in a workplace.

A peaceful environment allows progress.

The "slowness" here at work has had another benefit.  It has given me time to think.  Time to plan, time to learn, time to knit relationships -- all of these things are important to becoming effective. 

Planning is progress.

Now, it is time to take action on the plans.  Even as I was able to visit with one of the prospects on my list yesterday, I felt "traction" for executing my plan.  I know there will be refinements along the way, but planning without action is an exercise in vanity.  Imperfect plans -- and all plans are imperfect -- are merely a guide for action.  Until action occurs, nothing results.

Action is progress.

What is the goal toward which I am working?  That is something that I have clearly defined in my head, but which I won't share in this public venue.  The key, though, is that it is clearly defined and my plan, if executed well, will lead to accomplishing the goals which act as milestones along the path to the destination that is a clearly formed vision in my head.

Progress leads us along the path to our Vision.

Just my thoughts this morning.....


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