Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coffee Jitters

I like a steaming cup of Joe
To start my every day;
It helps to clear the morning fog
And send me on the way.

Two cups before I head to work
Seems just the thing I need;
One won't do and more than two
Sends my motor in high speed.

But, days like this, so wet and cold
Cause me to want to sip
About a gallon of the stuff
At a slow and stately clip.

Then sometime 'long about mid-day
It catches up to me
And I find myself begin to shake
In my extremities.

Wondering what is wrong with me
With head that's all a-buzz
I set my shaking cup right down
And get up to shake the fuzz.

I eat some food and take a break
Trying to clear my head
And find I just can't keep my mind
From wandering instead.

Then 'long about late afternoon
When I am feeling weak,
I crave to fall asleep in bed;
It's all I wish to seek.

Such a toll this humble brew
Wreaks on this body mine,
I swear I'll quit this awful stuff....
But, then I smell that smell divine.

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