Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brush and Thorns

I know that I have posted recently about clearing brush from fence rows on our place.  I am also clearing brush and junk trees from all over the place.  In fact, there is at least 40 acres of junk trees growing where it should be clear pasture with the occasional, scattered oak tree for shade.  It's a messy tangle of thorns where there should be grass.

I could hire someone with a bulldozer to come in and clear the land.  It would be much quicker and also very much more expensive.  Dozer work for clearing brush runs from $85 to $135 per hour depending on the size of dozer that I hire.  It would take at least a couple of weeks to get the job done, but it would be done. 

I could do it that way, but I guess I have a stubborn streak in me that wants to do the job myself.  So, at least for the time being, I am working away at it with a chainsaw and tractor.  It's a good way to wear out leather gloves and a good way to sweat off a few pounds.  Progress is slow though and it is occasionally hard on me when I am punctured by the thorns.

The only way to really imagine what I mean by thorns is to show you a picture.

The thorn in the picture is sticking out of the main trunk of one of the trees I cut on Saturday.  It is about 4 inches long.  The tree is covered in them -- not just on the branches, but the trunk and major limbs as well. 

I have to cut my way through the thorny branches in order to get to the trunk so that I can take the tree down. 

You can't tell from this photo, but this tree is about 12 inches in diameter at the base.  There were limbs sticking out of it all the way to ground level. 

The downed tree farthest from me is the one in the above pictures.  You can see a few smaller ones in the foreground.  Looking in the distance you can see scattered trees that are similar.  In the far distance is a line of trees -- all the same stuff.  It may take awhile.

I am cutting the trees up for firewood and piling the limbs for burning.  The stumps have to be treated to prevent re-growth.  I'm told they will rot in a couple of years if treated.  I sure hope so!

If you need some firewood, let me know.  It is cut your own and there is plenty of it.  But, it is also free if you will pile the limbs neatly and cut only the trees that I want cut!

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