Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Little Travel

I spent a lot of years traveling for work.  I know that I've posted about it before, but it is what is on my mind. 

For the past year, I haven't had to travel much.  It might be because I was semi-unemployed/self-employed/underemployed/whatever you want to call it.  But, with my new job, there will be a small amount of travel.

I got in late last night from Milwaukee.  I attended a school for learning about a new software we are installing here at work. 

Being new to my job, I had a hard time following some of it.  It wasn't so much the software that was difficult, but the acronyms and jargon used that was related to the products we would be using the software to manage.  I have yet to get fully up to speed on some of those things.

It has been my practice when traveling to see a few of the local sights if time allowed.  Milwaukee being on the shores of Lake Michigan meant that a brief trip to the shore was desirable -- if we could just get there in the daylight!  Fortunately, the last day, we had some time to do so.  Photos are posted below.


I also had to sample the local foods.  The deep-fried cheese curds and a variety of sausages were delicious!

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