Sunday, July 13, 2014


What makes us tick?
What gives us drive?
What gives us joy to be alive?

Is it the things we do each day?
Is it our job that gives us pay?
Is it our work that lights our way?

What is our game?
What sees us through?
What is it that we want to do?

Is it our family?
Is it our home?
Is it our friends upon the phone?

What pumps our heart?
What makes it beat?
What puts the motion in our feet?

Is it someone?
Is it a thing?
Is it a thought the bells do ring?

What gets us up?
What never lets down?
What is it that removes a frown?

For each of us there is something
That lifts our heart and makes it sing.
Until we find what makes us thrive
We'll never truly be alive.