Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hauling Them to Town

Today, we hauled the calves to the livestock auction.  They don't sell until tomorrow, but, it is a special sale and they are expecting about 8,500 head of cattle so, we had to schedule delivery.

That meant that we got up really, really early.  The alarm went off at 4:30 and we were headed to the ranch before 5:00 a.m.  We don't have many, so it only took two loads to get them all there.  I unloaded the 2nd load at about 7:15. 

You know, as a child I never quite understood what a "big deal" it was to sell the calf crop.  When Grandpa sold his calves it was important because that was when he got paid for the year's work.  He also was a farmer, so harvest of the crops was much the same.  Only a farmer truly understands how you work all year waiting for the harvest.  They don't have a weekly, or monthly paycheck like most people.  They get paid once each year -- when they sell the product of their labor.  It's a big deal.

I know that I wrote about this on Monday, but, it brings the concept of Thanksgiving into a whole new light.  It has changed my perspective.  It is a celebration of the harvest.  It is the "paycheck" that you have been waiting on.  It is a "Hallelujah Chorus" time of year.  It is something that I wish every person in this country could understand. 

We take our food for granted.  Convenience is a blessing and a curse.  Thank a farmer for the harvest.

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