Friday, November 1, 2013

A Coalition of Minorities

As I have thought over the past few years of the success of the Democratic Party in this country in winning elections, I have been befuddled by their ability to win with an economic policy that is so clearly Socialist in nature.  With the failure of Socialism to maintain healthy economies within the countries where they have ascended to power it should seem clear that the policies are those of failure.  So, why then do they continue to garner support?

I have come to the conclusion that it is simply this:  They have learned to offer to minority groups that which is nearest and dearest to them in order to gain their vote. 

If you examine the makeup of the Democratic Party I think you will find, not a cross-section of the U.S. population, but a disproportionate representation of minority interest groups.  By exploiting the "hot button issues" of these groups, the Socialists have retained power, and in fact grown their power base, by encouraging aberrant behavior that leads to more minority groups they can represent.

The single largest coalescent group in America, the hard-working Judeo-Christian middle class, is losing power simply because it is outnumbered by this coalition of minority groups.  This group was once called the silent majority.  The problem is now that their silence and willingness to embrace a diversification of beliefs and cultures -- their willingness to give a chance to the disaffected -- has allowed for the rise to power of those who would exploit the weaknesses in the human character by appealing not to higher instincts, but to the lowest common denominator of the disaffected groups.

The result will ultimately be the demise of this country as we know it.

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Donald Douglas said...

Keep posting, Chris. The Dems are imploding!