Monday, October 28, 2013

Still the Writing Bug

For whatever reason, I still have the writing bug.  It seems there isn't much substance to what I am writing, but sometimes my meandering thoughts turn into something that I at least deem worthwhile -- public opinion is another matter.

I wonder if there is finally enough momentum building to hold the Administration in Washington accountable for their malfeasance and criminal activity?  The backlash in the Heartland is certainly growing.  I wonder if there is similar growing discontent on the disconnected coasts of this great country?

Why is there such a difference in attitude and thought between the people in the agricultural areas of the United States and those in the cities?  Is it the Protestant work ethic?  Is it adherence to Christianity?  Is it a "closeness" to the land?  I wish I knew.  It might help us to solve the seemingly irreconcilable differences between us.  Instead, the map remains distinctly red and blue -- not so much to mark the vote along party lines as it is the difference in culture and thought patterns.  The voting is symptomatic of a deeper cultural rift.

Elected officials have learned to play to the cultural differences.  Power accretes to power.  Do the values of elected officials reflect the values of those they represent?  Or, is it that the elected officials reflect the values of the geographic area they represent in order to gain power?  I suspect it is power that drives, not the values.

If that is the case, there really is no difference in members of either party.  They merely wear the cloak of the sheep over their wolf hide.  "We the people," is no longer home to the seat of power, it is a "fig leaf" covering for the unconscionable acts of the few to submit the many to tyranny.

How do "We the people" return to our role of holding the reins of power in this country?  That is the question we must all face and answer within our own hearts.  What price freedom?  What cost submission to those who would rule autocratically?  Slavery is not always chains.

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