Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frantically Doing.....Nothing

Don't you just love it when there seems to be
More work than you can possibly do?
When you look at the list of the things to get done
And know that it all falls on you?

Have you noticed how often you almost shut down
When you think of the mountain ahead?
And the great piles of work that are stacked all around
Fill you with nothing but dread?

And you know that you must just dig in and get done
All those things that you know you must do
But, distractions abound and those things on the list
Don't get done but, you add something new?

It becomes overwhelming, this growing task list
With scratch-outs, check-marks and lines
That mark the progress you think you have made
On those chores all entangled like vines.

And isn't it strange at the end of the day
When you take stock of the battles you've won
How your pen full of ink finds no thing to cross off
Because of the list not a thing has been done?

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