Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Don't Order Chinese From a Mexican Restaurant"

The title is a quote of McGee on NCIS tonight.  It was in response to Dinozzo's comment regarding an uneasy feeling in his stomach.  Of course the reference was more a way of stating that he felt all was not well rather than he wasn't feeling well.

It is good advice though.  Would you go to a dentist to have your car checked?  How about going to a barber to get fitted for a new pair of custom boots?  You may get what you asked for but, it is highly likely the level of expertise will fall well below the level of your expectations -- perhaps to the level of total incompetence.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm thinking ObamaCare.  Oh, I think it goes by another name -- something like the Affordable Care Act.  Why, oh, why, would anyone think the government and a bunch of lawyers would know anything about health care??!  Even worse, why would anyone think the government would understand the concept of affordable??!  They can't even balance their own checkbook.  It makes about as much sense as going to a Mexican Restaurant and ordering Chinese food.

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