Monday, September 16, 2013

When It All Comes Undone

Another shooting incident today.  Another crazy makes the headlines.  More people died.  I am not insensitive to the tragedy.  People are hurting.  But, in reality, we are all going to die someday.

Why do we react the way we do to such senseless acts of violence?  We go into outrage.  We call for retribution.  We call for prayers.  We don't address the root problem.  It is a fallen world.

Well, the straight news is that we can't fix the world.  I know there are those who call for world peace.  There are those who think we should all just come together and respect each other's differences and "love one another right now" in a world of harmony and peace.  Ummm....I will just say it like it is; those people are clueless.  They have not read or don't understand history.  They do not observe nor understand human behavior.  They do not see the disparities between the "haves" and "have nots" and they do not recognize the frailty of the human nature that succumbs to power, to desires, and to the selfish nature that is inherent to all of us.

The Bible is very clear that the troubles of this earth are due to the fallen nature of man.  That fallen nature is due purely to man's tendency to think that he is equal to God.  It is the belief that he knows best.  If you don't think so, read the story of Adam and Eve.  It isn't about the temptation, it is about man thinking he knew better than God.

We will continue to have such incidents until it is "all rolled up like a scroll" and God takes His own home.  Just like we have seen such incidents throughout history, such will repeat until Jesus returns.

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