Friday, September 27, 2013


Why did I pick this title?  It just came to me.  It is as though I am on autopilot posting nonsense about something or perhaps just nothing.  Readjusting.

I am readjusting to many things I guess.  A short week on the road after a "vacation/staycation" of one week.  I guess that would be readjustment.  A change in the reporting structure at work would be readjustment.  Yep, there was a change.  I haven't decided whether it is a demotion or a logical change.  A scheduling change for the day.  Yep, definitely a readjustment.  I thought I had a meeting this afternoon but, apparently, the person I was meeting with had other plans.  Daily blogging.  I had every intention of posting something daily after this most recent "re-boot" of this blog but, as you have clearly seen, I missed yesterday.

What does readjustment mean?  I guess it just means that we are flexible in our scheduling.  We are willing to change based on the circumstances.  Well, change is inevitable.  Without change there is only death.  I vote for change.  I will adjust with changing circumstances.  Until I die.  Oh, well.

Am I just typing nonsense?  Perhaps.  But, at least I am posting.  Perhaps that is a readjustment to the lack of inspiration.....

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