Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jealousy and Johnny Football

As I read the comments and commentary on Facebook about Johnny Manziel, I wonder how much of it is jealousy.  Do we hold the successful and talented to a different standard than we do the average?  I think we do.

I also think it is because we need heroes.  We need people we can look up to.  People who operate at a higher standard than we ourselves do.  We need the affirmation that it can be done because we are all too familiar with our own weaknesses and failures.

There are a few who occasionally appear to rise to that level.  In my lifetime I think Billy Graham and possibly Zig Ziglar might be in that category.  I would bet that both, if able to respond, would admit that they too have/had failures of moral character. 

There is only One who has ever lived a perfect life.  He paid a very high price for it.  He paid the price for all of our weaknesses and failures.  We crucified Him for His perfection.  Johnny is only human.

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Willy said...

I cannot ask anyone to act or react above the standards that I expect of myself. I should not be critical of myself or others when they fall below those standards. However, I am not perfect and I may be critical of others.

So let me therefore say that Johnny is about as good as I have seen on the field. Off the field he falls very short of the standards I expect.

I guess we are both imperfect human beings. I am trying to be better. I hope he is!