Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is It Reality or Perception?

I am watching the end of a movie called "Vantage Point" that shows how we see things differently depending on our relationship to events, our past experiences and our frame of mind.  Everything is clouded by perspective.

It is especially interesting to me since I had a similar experience at church this morning.  Quite simply, I disagreed with the points the teacher was making based on the Biblical passage being read.  Oh, they were valid points and a good lesson, but not what I think the passage was intended to teach.

I have an uncle who was a Professor of Psychology.  He was always talking about "truth" and how it depended on ones core beliefs, point of view, religion, etc.  He denied, or at least appeared to based on his arguments, the existence of a Truth.  It was classical moral relativism.

I think the reality is that our lives are filled with misperception.  Our thinking is clouded by our experiences, our attitude and our current frame of reference.  That makes it even more important that we recognize the existence of an overarching Truth.  It is only then that we can accept our own fallibility.  We are not perfect.  There is only One who is. 

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CimA said...

Good movie! :)
And I find myself doing with Emma what you did with me...asking why and making her think about her reasoning for answering the way she does. I'm thankful someone taught me how to think.