Monday, September 9, 2013

Been Awhile

Yep, this is the predictable "It has been awhile since I posted anything here" post.  That being said, I wonder why I started this because I really can't think of a thing about which to write!  So, does that mean I am being introspective when I continue to type about why I am writing while uninspired?  Or, does it just mean that I finally walked off the virtual cliff of reality into the unknown world of total, stark-raving lunacism? that even a word?  Probably not, but it seems to work.

But, I digress from the predictable into the unpredictable.  Unless, of course, it truly is lunacy in which case the unpredictability is predictable.  Or is it?  If it is predictable then it wasn't truly unpredictable in the first place.  Therefore, that which is presumed unpredictable is in reality predictable and therefore not lunacy, but, merely predictable behavior given particular circumstances. 

The whole world seems to have gone insane -- at least in the politico-military-mega-bank-superpower realm.  We have a President who is either completely incompetent or diabolically super-intelligent or at least dangling from the strings of a diabolically super-intelligent puppet master.  The farce of the so-called Presidential Kingdomship of the Obamaniac is driving us toward a perfect Armageddon scenario in the Middle East.  All the players are there.  Russia, China, the Anti-Christ (no, not B.O. -- Islam).  The only real wild card in the bunch is the good old U.S. of A.  But, that card will be negated when the Anointed One finishes wrecking our economy. 

I know there isn't really a role in Armageddon for the U.S.A, but, think about it.  If this nation that was founded as a Light Shining on a Hill were to fall, everything is in place for the end-times scenario to play out post haste.  Maybe it is arrogance on my part (on behalf of what this country once stood for) but, I do believe we have been a bastion of good holding the forces of evil at bay for many years.  But, we are falling and it is at the hands of the current power-brokers in Washington who I think are mere puppets to the true wielders of power who are scattered throughout the world in various corporate offices.

Am I a conspiracy theorist?  No, not really.  Merely an observer who resides in this world but is no longer a part of it.

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