Saturday, June 1, 2013

Primroses and Potholes

Life's pathways are never straight,
They twist and wind away.
And as we travel there along
Temptations make us stray.

Sometimes it's just the pretty flowers
Growing on the fence
Like Primrose blooms attract our eye.
And so we travel hence

And dwell a moment where they shine
Drawing us so near.
And for a moment set aside
Those tasks we held so dear.

At other times it's not the eye
That pulls us from the way
But bumps along the traveled road
Direction sometimes sway.

These potholes in the road of life
Force a slowing down
Before we end up in the ditch
Wearing mournful frown.

Metaphors for all of us;
Distractions from the way
That God has laid ahead of us
Until the judgement day.