Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Airport

Blue skies beckon through the pane
O'er hills all cloaked in trees,
Another week has come and gone
As Corporate gods I please.

I bounce around across this land
Once home to Liberty
As those in power do all they can
Enslaving those once free.

I wonder why I work so hard
For something with no soul
When all they ever ask is more
To meet their looming goal?

For Corporate gods and Washington
Are working hand in hand
To make us bow to greed and power
In this and every land.

Disillusioned, tired and bent
I sit and wait again
For shining bird to take me home
One night to rest and then

Again, I face the winding road
With work that's never done
Aiming for those fleeting goals
While all the while the sun

Shines on mountains, distant, blue,
Home to certain peace;
A place of refuge not too far--
Escape from this mad race.

But no, I get upon the plane
Just two short legs away
From one who waits alone at home
Wishing I could stay.

If only that was what I could
But, it will never be;
I'll suck it up and do my job
For those who depend on me.

Reflecting as I sit and brood
A calmness dwells in me.
I know that it is God alone
Sustaining all I see

Out window clear and sky so blue
And there He speaks to me
That peace and rest reside in Him
And only there I'm free

Living out His Grand Design,
For He has called me here,
Staring into distant blue
Stuck in this airport drear

Reflecting on the life I live
With hardly time at home
Where I would sit and rest awhile
Never more to roam


Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Attitude

I've written before about attitude
And how it is all a choice
Yet tonight I find that my attitude

I am not really interested in the big game
So I sit at the computer instead
And play some electronic game

I sat down at first to attend to e-mail
From work that seemed quite insistent
And spent over an hour on that e-mail

Tomorrow is Monday of a busy week
That includes a meeting I dread
But I look forward to the rest of the week

I know that good things are waiting ahead
And I should focus only on them
Instead of the irritations lying ahead

So the question before me on attitude
Is what I've decided is mine
Do I really have a bad attitude?