Monday, January 21, 2013

Facebook Birthdays

One of the most amazing things about Facebook is that it reminds everyone on your "Friends" list that it is your birthday.  It is really nice to see the "Happy Birthday" wishes come in throughout the day.  Sometimes I'm surprised at the expanded comments.  Sometimes I am surprised by who takes the time and trouble to post.  It is nice though.

I must admit that I don't always post Happy Birthday on my friends' birthdays.  If not, it usually is for one of two reasons.  1)  I didn't get on Facebook for a few days due to travel or something and by the time I noticed it was their birthday, I felt bad about posting late.  Or, 2)  I don't really know them all that well.  Hmmmm.....that brings up the question as to why they are a "Friend" on Facebook if I don't know them all that well.  Perhaps the Facebook definition is not as clear as it should be.  I think there should be a category for "Acquaintance" in addition to "Friend."  Somehow, that sounds clearer to me.

Maybe I'm being too nit-picky.....

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