Saturday, December 22, 2012


I am always somewhat dismayed but never shocked that the last few days before Christmas are whirlwinds of activity.  I do my best to stay at the peripheral but it seems that I am always pulled into the maelstrom.

I can cook.  But I don't really enjoy it.  So, I leave the creative cooking to others.  Frosted cookies, loaves of bread, candies and pies are not my domain.  I find it best to go rake leaves or something when such activities are in full swing. 

Then there is the inevitable last minute dash to get packages wrapped before "the trip" somewhere.  Always we go somewhere -- even when we would prefer to have Christmas at home.  Or, maybe it's just me that prefers to have Christmas at home.  I'm the one that travels all the time so when there is a holiday, I don't get especially excited about hitting the road.

Oh, I was talking about wrapping packages.  I can do so -- adequately.  But, they usually don't turn out "pretty" so I shy away from the task.  I wrap what I must wrap.  I am thankful for gift bags.  Years ago we didn't have that luxury.  I can handle gift bags.  Just put whatever it is into the bag, stuff some tissue paper in on top, put a tag on it and call it good. 

So, cooking.  Yes, I cooked dinner.  It was a trade.  I didn't wrap packages.  I can handle a basic meal of meat, potatoes and a veggie.  I even did most of the dishes.  That's a fair trade isn't it?

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