Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ranchers and Veterans Day

I've needed a lazy morning for awhile.  It seems like it has been go, go, go forever. 

My job sometimes causes me to work on the weekends -- this one is an example -- and my own projects keep me going when there is spare time -- whether at home or on the road.  This morning I don't have to be at the Trade Show until 11:00 so I slept late and now I'm sitting at the computer (must be an addiction).

It seems that when I have a little spare time I also have the urge to write.  Often it is just meandering thoughts strung together, but occasionally I have something on my mind that needs to be given wing -- such as the previous post on the election.  Today, I am just wandering with no clear direction.

I always enjoy the WRCA's World Championship Rodeo in Amarillo.  That's why I'm here.  We have a booth and are a sponsor.  It is refreshing to see the ranch families who are there not only to compete but to "come to town" for what is for many of them, an annual vacation.  In many ways it is like a giant family reunion.

One thing I kept noticing yesterday was all of the children.  It seemed like there was an endless line of baby strollers and little kids walking through in their hats and boots.  Young families together with joy on their faces.  I didn't see an iPod or computer game in any of their hands.  I saw simple toys that required imagination.  I saw happy faces filled with excitement.  It made me proud to be a part of the ranching community.

These are people who make their living from the land.  They care deeply about their environment and the livestock in their care.  They live simply and work hard.  They are one of the reasons that this country is still a land of plenty.  Many of the ranches where they live have been in business well over 100 years.  That's sustainability.  These are just some of the people who produce the food we eat.....and not only us -- they feed the world.  I appreciate them.

I also saw a number of Veterans scattered through the crowd.  Some carried the scars of their service.  Others I'm sure had scars that weren't visible to the eye.  Today, on Veterans Day, we need to remember those who have served to keep us free.

Ranchers and Veterans have a lot in common.  Both are willing to fight for this country and to take care of each other and to give rather than take.  The WRCA Foundation was organized to help those in need.  If you get a chance, follow the link and read about what they do.

Well, I guess my wandering thoughts found a path after all.

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Sandee said...

To give rather than take. Amen on that one. Many have become a handout crowd. Don't care for that one bit.

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Have a terrific day. :)