Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of a nation.  It is a time of reflection and a time of celebration.  It is also a time of thanksgiving for this land of unprecedented freedom.  It is a time to consider what is truly important.

It would be easy to vent my frustration at the direction that our country seems to be heading.  It would be easy to attack the very instruments of power that have made it great.  It would be a simple task to outline the erosion of the liberties that we take for granted.  It would not be constructive.  Instead, I want to remain appreciative of what we do have.

When God is forgotten by those in power, they become their own God.  Power is sought for the sake of gaining more power.  When man focuses on his own efforts he forgets that in the end, all power resides in God's hand.  God in His wisdom allows us to go along the paths of our choosing, knowing that when we have run our course, the only recourse is Him.  That is why we cry out to Him in time of crisis.  We are free to choose Him or ourselves.  That is the ultimate freedom.  That is the freedom that I celebrate.

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