Thursday, May 3, 2012

Running Errands

I have a tendency to put things off.  Those of you who know me really well probably have figured that out already.  I admit, I procrastinate.

What's wrong with procrastination?  I have found that it actually makes me more efficient.  I put things off until I have a pretty good list accumulated and then I do them all in a mad rush.  Quite simply, I take things that could be scattered over weeks and get them all done in a half day of dashing about from here to there.  Definitely efficiency at its best!

This afternoon has been one of those mad dash to the finish afternoons with running errands.  It follows logically the mad dash of this morning and early afternoon when I was dashing madly through a list of tasks that had to be completed today.  One mad dash follows another.  Does that make me the "Mad Dasher?"  It's a nice feeling to have both lists behind me.....


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Settling In

I guess there's a lot more to settling in than just getting all the boxes unpacked and everything in a designated space.  There is the seemingly never-ending list of address changes that must be made and the getting acquainted with neighbors and various other folks around the community.  Fortunately, since I've been traveling here for the past several years I know a fair number of people.  Still, there's a difference between being someone who just passes through occasionally and being a neighbor.

Small towns generally have a good sense of how to be a neighbor.  Larger places have forgotten the art.  Before we were even moved into our new home a lady down the street brought us a cake.  Our next-door neighbor looked after our place for several months while we were in transition because we bought this place quite some time before we were able to sell the place where we were living.

Of course, everyone needs a good banker.  I am thankful for community banks.  We found a good one and not only have they been helpful from a banking standpoint, they have been invaluable in helping us to meet people in the community.  The loan officer who helped with our home financing invited us to church and made sure we were welcome and spent a large amount of time making sure we met the pastor and sunday school teachers and anyone else who walked by.  Of course, there's no way I can remember all the names or put them with the correct faces.

We have spent many hours already on the yard.  It is a comfortable, inviting yard with lots of big trees and flowering plants.  The previous owner was a student of our next-door neighbor who came from a family that owned a nursery.  Some day I hope to be able to name all the different plants growing in the many flower beds that we have.  I'll post a couple of photos at the bottom.

Anyway, settling in takes some time.  At our age, which by-the-way I don't feel all that old on the inside, it is a little strange to be settling in.  That is a term that denotes nesting.  We aren't nesting.  We are empty-nesters.  I suppose that's part of the reason for the move.  Priorities change as we age.

Although I will continue in my same job and occupation, we will begin to focus on some new things.  Ventures that have been held out in the future as dreams to work towards.  More on that later.