Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rain vs. Dirt

I understand there is a typical March dust storm howling at home today.  This is the time of year for such.  Many, especially the younger people, don't realize that such storms are fairly typical.  When I was a kid they were common occurrence, but it seems that for the past ten or twenty years that have not been frequent -- until last year when they presaged the devastating drought conditions that prevailed throughout the summer.

I'm in Kentucky today.  It is cool and raining.  The fescue grass is green and growing and the buds on the trees are swelling.  Some of the flowering trees have started to bloom but many more are on the verge and the next few weeks will be filled with an explosion of color on the hills and byways of this part of the country.

I am fortunate.  Although there is a dust storm at home, I am able to enjoy a rainy early Spring day in Kentucky.  I'd better not get too used to it.  Tomorrow I will be headed back to the land of raging winds and dusty skies.


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Barbara Martin said...

One never knows what weather brings. Seasonal temperatures are expected, though this spring has been unusual. Spring with its budding trees will be a welcome sight come late April.