Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dusty Boxes and Shipping Tags

Over the last few weeks I have spent quite a bit of time cleaning out and going through "stuff" that we don't use on a regular basis.  Being located in the wonderful arid Panhandle of Texas, there is dust.  It is amazing how the super-fine dust can get in places where water can't.  It is even inside some of the boxes.

We've been in this house since 2003.  Why do some of the things I'm finding still have the little green labels from the moving company?  Let me rephrase that.  Why do we have "stuff" that we don't use frequently enough to have removed the little green stickers put on it by the moving company almost nine years ago?

Something is definitely wrong with this picture.  If we needed it we would use it.  The Amarillo Association for the Blind will get a nice pile of "stuff" that we apparently don't need.  Sadly, this first step in simplification is still insufficient.  There's still too much "stuff" left.


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Happy Homemaker said...

We have too much stuff also. Amazing how much accumulates in a short amount of time.