Friday, February 10, 2012

Yearning for More

There is never enough.  It seems there is never enough time or money or fish or points or whatever it is that we are wanting.  There is never enough land and there are never enough cattle.

Why are we never satisfied?  What is it inside of us that causes us to strive for more?  Is it something in our genetic material that is tied to survival of the fittest?  Why do we always want more?

I don't have any answers for this one.  I'm guilty.  I'm a lot like the old rancher who when asked by the city slicker how much land was enough answered, "I don't want much; just what's mine and everything that borders it."

Could it be that we are never satisfied because we try to fill the holes in our life with the wrong things?  I've heard it said that each of us is born with a God-shaped hole in us that must be filled.  It's too bad that we try to fill it with everything under the sun before we turn to the one that created that desire in us in the first place.

I guess when you think about it it makes some sense.  It all goes back to a time before the Garden of Eden.  Satan got tired of God calling all the shots so he gathered up a bunch of his buddies and decided that they were just as smart as God.  They felt like they knew better.  They could become gods themselves.

God said, "OK, Satan, if you know how to run things I'll give you a little chunk of ground to prove it."  So God gave Satan control of the earth and everything in it.  God planted man in the Garden and gave him the opportunity to make the right choice.  It's too bad Adam and Eve listened to Satan and not God.  They thought they knew better too.  The rest is history.

The one thing that didn't change though is that their descendants still carry the genes for that God-shaped hole.  The trouble was they now carried a gene for self-reliance too.  That conflict is probably the reason we are such an acquisitive race.  We're depending on our own resources to fill that God-shaped hole when what we really need to do is quit relying on ourselves and start relying on God.

Until we can figure that out we will just keep on yearning for more and more.  It's too bad we're not yearning for the right thing.

Tomorrow will be the letter "Z."  It will be the last in this series of alphabetically inspired posts.  I don't know much about Zebras so I'm not certain what I'm going to use for a title.  Oh, well.


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