Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whatchamacallits and Whozits

Communication is an interesting thing.  We all do it in many ways and yet we often fail to communicate clearly.  This becomes especially obvious when attempting to convey ideas across generations.

Words seem to change over time.  Today, "bad" is good.  When I was younger, "bad" was actually not good.  In fact, I run a danger in even discussing such things because about the time I figure out the current vernacular I find that I am out of date!

There are a few words that seem to be universal to every generation.  Words like "whatchamacallit" and "whatsit" and "whatsherface" or "whozit" seem to convey the same meaning to all listeners.  They need no explanation.  The are self-defining.

Such words are rare.  I feel it is important that we preserve them though.  They come in mighty handy at times.  So, whoevertheheckyouare that is reading this, I hope you find whatevertheheck you're looking for here.

We are getting close to the end of the alphabet.  Only a few more letters to go.  I have no idea where I will find my writing inspiration after that.  Tomorrow will be with the letter "X."  That one might be a little tough.  Help in the comments would be appreciated.


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jbboren said...

You could always bend the rules, like 'xtemporaneous' or 'xtreme'. Or you could tackle the theological issues behind using the term 'Xmas'. There's always the cultural emphasis on words that start with X or contain it in an objective fashion, like X-Games and Generation X. Then there's the whole issue of pornography, like that old farm on the Claude highway with three silos, each with a big red X painted on it.

Just my 2 Euros worth. Gotta use those up 'cause they ain't gonna be any good for much longer.