Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Voracious Appetite

There are things of which we can't seem to get enough.  We each seem to be designed with an appetite for certain things -- things that we crave.  For some, it might be a specific food or type of food like Mexican food.  For others it might be an activity such as football.  Whatever it is, we each seem to be wired for something.

I am a voracious reader.  I read during most of my spare minutes.  I read sometimes when I should be doing other things.  I read when I eat (unless there are others at the table) and I read each night before I go to bed.  I read in the mornings and I read at Noon.  I read online, I read magazines and I read books.  I read the banner scrolling across the bottom on FoxNews Channel.  I read labels.  I read T-shirts (although sometimes it is difficult to do because of the uneven surface behind them.....) I even read Dr. Seuss and this paragraph is beginning to sound like something he would have written.

There are other things that I crave.  Some things are just temporary though.  I may go through a period of craving vanilla ice cream and then I will get hooked on chocolate or something like Bluebell's Pecan Pralines and Cream (probably my all-time favorite.)  Sometimes I crave pie and at other times only cookies will satisfy me.  Then I go through periods when I don't want anything sweet (that usually doesn't last too long though.)

I think some of our cravings are signals from our body that we are short of some vitamin or mineral.  They are nutritional cravings.  I think other cravings are emotional.  We may need to be hugged or touched or just have someone spend time with us.  Sometimes our cravings are based in addictions such as adrenaline or drugs.  Whatever the craving, our appetites must be satisfied or the craving will only grow stronger and perhaps be met by unhealthy substitutes.

Voracious -- an interesting word suggested by a reader who chose to submit their suggestion via e-mail rather than in the comments.  Thank you!

Tomorrow I will use "W" to begin the title of my post.  As always, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments -- or e-mail them to me -- or leave them on Facebook (as Shari did).  I can't use them all but, I definitely appreciate the inspiration.  Perhaps what I really crave is my Muse.....

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