Monday, February 6, 2012

Using People, Loving Things

It's amazing what people accumulate over time.  We have garage sales to get rid of all the extra "stuff" that we don't want anymore -- or, we give it to Goodwill.  We have houses and garages and rented storage full of the things we thought we couldn't live without.

We love to have lots of things around us and we love the means to buy those things.  Sadly, those boats and ski mobiles and toys of all shapes and sizes often gather more dust than dents and dings from use.  They are status symbols.

It seems the more one has the more one wants.  As we climb the economic ladder we face more and more opportunities to leverage our time and our resources by hiring the time and resources of others.  Of course, it is important that we get the most for our money -- just like the best boat, the biggest house, the nicest car.  If those we hire don't perform according to expectations we can always get someone else who will.

The same goes for friends.  Why hang out with someone who doesn't pull their weight?  Who wants to spend time with someone who doesn't have similar tastes and interests to our own?  After all, if I have a boat and my friend doesn't, they will always be wanting to borrow mine or go with me to the lake.  It doesn't seem right.  They should provide their own boat.

As far as that goes, why should I invite someone over for an evening of socializing if they won't ever invite me?  If they don't feel their house is nice enough or maybe they are embarrassed because they don't live in the nicest neighborhood, why should I invite them over?  They won't ever invite me back.  They won't pull their own weight.

You know, it makes me think that things should take priority over people.  They have no expectations.  They let you use them as you choose.  When you're tired of them you can always replace them with something better.  It's easy to love such things.  They never have demands or problems that can't be fixed by a little money.

People on the other hand are constantly needing something.  They expect you to treat them nicely even when they don't deserve it.  They're just needy.  It's so much easier to love things and use people.  I just don't understand why anyone would expect anything else!

Ah, the ills of our society.......focus on self and not others.  I think that one has some pretty deep roots in history.

If I can stay on track, tomorrow's post will begin with "V."  Hmmmm.....what begins with "V?"  Suggestions are appreciated.

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