Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Staying Focused

Distractions are everywhere.  They rob us of our focus. 

Very few people are good at setting goals.  It is a discipline that takes years to develop.  Most people have a tendency to just drift through life going from one thing to another with no true plan or purpose.  One of the reasons for that is that even when our intentions are good, we allow ourselves to be distracted by things around us.

Distractions can be a phone call, an interruption at work, a game on the computer or a social network.  They can be events that are outside of our control that grab our attention.  They can be the result of inadequate rest.  They cause us to not do the things we should do.

One of the keys to success is staying focused.  Set goals and go after them.  Keep your eye on the goal and you will be much more likely to reach it.

See, I stayed focused and managed to get a post for the letter "S."  Tomorrow I hope to post something with the letter "T."  In the midst of a major convention that may be tough......hmmmm....."tough" starts with "T".......


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