Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Glasses

Aging is the pits.  I must admit that I've declared all-out war on what the ravages of time are attempting to do to me, but nonetheless, aging is the pits.

It has been a number of years since my eyes went through the inevitable phase where my arms were no longer long enough to hold reading material at the appropriate distance.  For several years it seemed the shape of the ocular organs in my head changed continually so that I needed a different prescription on a regular basis.  The rate of change has since decelerated and when I had them checked a couple of weeks ago there was very little change from the previous exam in 2008.

I have worn no-line progressive lenses since that appointment in 2008 and chose to stick with the same in my new glasses.  I recall quite clearly how difficult it was to adjust to them and how they made my eyes and head hurt until I had done so.  It is rather disorienting to have the vision suddenly blur with each minor movement of the eye.  I anticipated that there would be little such adjustment with this new pair which I picked up yesterday because there was such a minor change in prescription.  I was partly correct in my assumption.

What I am trying to say is that my eyes hurt.  Perhaps it could be blamed on too much time in front of this LCD screen, but I suspect the glasses have something to do with it.  I haven't experienced the sudden loss of balance due to the images being projected into my brain dancing in and out of focus, but my eyes are hurting nonetheless.  Surely it will get better in a few days.

Just my complaint for the day.....


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Vincent Davis said...

Hey Chris! Maybe your optometrist can do something about that. In time, your eyes will get used to the adjustment. You can also reduce your reading time so your eyes can rest more.