Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Empty Nesters and Dishes

When the kids have all left home there are many changes.  The grocery bill is smaller even though sometimes the quality of what is prepared is better -- such as steaks instead of hamburger; it doesn't take nearly as long to clean the house even though when the kids were home they were "responsible" for certain chores -- which required repeated follow-up for completion; it doesn't take nearly as many loads of laundry to wash the clothes and it takes several days to get a dishwasher full of dishes.

I guess that's what inspired my post tonight -- washing the dishes.  Sometimes now it is quicker and easier to wash them by hand rather than to let them accumulate in the dishwasher until there is a decent size load to wash.  (A quick disclaimer here:  I rarely wash the dishes, but can when necessary.)  Think about that a minute.  We have a dishwasher to wash dishes because of the convenience -- quicker and easier.  But, now it is sometimes quicker and easier to just wash the dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher.

It makes you wonder whether a dishwasher is all that great of an appliance!  When the kids were at home, they could be the dishwasher.  Now that they're gone, there aren't that many dishes to wash.  The convenient has become inconvenient.

This reminds me of something from the Bible.  Without quoting specific verses but, giving the basic sentiment it says, to give is to get, to gain you must lose, to live you must die.  In other words, worldly wisdom has it all backward.  One might conclude that dishwashers are of the Devil!

Just thinking.....


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