Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Confusing Mix

I am looking around my highly cluttered desk and realizing the inconsistencies which lie thereon.  I see there a mix of proper utilization of technology and dependency on old ways of doing things.  Already you should detect the issue -- my desk wouldn't be cluttered if I used the electronic technology that is available to me in the way it was designed.

I am working on a laptop.  Beside it is a yellow legal pad and pen.  There is a small stack of "snail mail" that needs tending to.  There are manila folders with various labels on them.  There are paper copies of "customer information forms" that are part of an ongoing project.  There is an "outbox" with various items to be passed to someone else.  There is an "inbox" with the things I haven't gotten to yet or have just put off until later.  There are the obvious utensils such as stapler, business card holder, etc. and an old-style Rolodex.  There also is both a cellphone and a land line telephone.

I should be able to do away with most of this paper and definitely should be able to junk the Rolodex.  However, I find comfort in the fact that when electronics fail I have a backup system.  Is that a symptom of my age?  Or, is it simply a distrust of depending solely on electrons?  Maybe the two issues are one and the same.....

Just thinking.


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