Friday, December 23, 2011

Trans Texas Christmas Trek

From the frozen early morning of the Texas Panhandle, headed to the relatively balmy southern reaches of the Big Thicket, we set out in our trusty GMC sleigh this morning. Mrs Claus took the wheel while I manned the shotgun seat. Although it was unnecessary to go to the lengths of many whom we pass that are so laden that bags of goodies are strapped to the roof, we did face the daunting prospect of stuffing every nook and cranny of our trusty rig with the many boxes and bags that accompany us. Santa himself (the original) would have been proud.

Somewhere buried beneath the mounds of packages is a cooler packed with what will become the roast beast. In our case it is a beef tenderloin, the thought of which makes my mouth water. I am certain my daughter will have many treats to go with the main course; she is an excellent cook.

The highway is filled with holiday travelers on their own similar trek. It is interesting to see the young families with children strapped into the back seat. You can almost feel their excitement, the same that I felt as a youngster when we made the long trips to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with my grandmother so many years ago.

I remember watching out the window into the starry darkness of Christmas Eve, watching for the red blinking light of Rudolph's nose as he drew Santa's sleigh across the sky. It was many years before I discovered that Santa's pack was carefully stored in the trunk, only inches from where I sat. After all, it took an idealistic and imaginative child to grow into the idealistic and imaginative me of today.

We have many miles yet to go as I compose this mobile post to the sounds of Country Christmas on Sirius XM radio. Rascal Flatts is singing Jingle Bell Rock and my fingers are trying their best to dance in time on this tiny Blackberry keyboard. It's a great way to pass the time as we draw ever closer to those precious grandkids that make this time of year so special.

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