Monday, December 26, 2011

I-45 Grand Prix

Traffic in Texas can be a challenge in the best of times but, Monday after a Christmas Sunday is downright daunting. Mrs. Claus has traded in her red stocking cap for driving gloves, leather jacket and a scarf which I deem fitting since she continues to man the drivers seat. Again, I am riding shotgun and the trusty GMC has been converted from sleigh to a Grand Prix racer.

The traffic is not as heavy as I have seen it but, there apparently is a race going from Houston to Dallas because the speed of the traffic is obviously unchecked except where periodically slowed to a crawl to allow for gawking at motorists whose cars are stalled along the roadway. Or, where "balled up" by big rigs engaged in a slow-motion passing maneuver. I find that my faith is severely tested at times when other drivers do the unexpected. Fortunately my driver is able to handle the escapades while I focus on book or this brief post and try my best not to say, "Watch out!"

It will surely be worse as we get closer to Dallas....

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