Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Many times as I work in my home office I will have iTunes playing in the background.  I usually leave it on "shuffle" so that I get a mix.  Sometimes the songs fall in a way that is humorous and sometimes they almost fit together to tell a story.  I'm not sure how many are in my library, but, something over 1,000.  They are from many different genre of music.

Right now I'm listening to "The Minnow and The Trout" by A Fine Frenzy.  A few minutes ago it was Brad Paisley's "The Cigar Song" and who knows what will be next.  It could be Rachmaninov.

I guess it's a good illustration of what life throws at us.  We never know what might be coming next but, we know it will be interesting!

OK, it wasn't Rachmaninov, it's "Whatever" by Steven Curtis Chapman......appropriate.

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CimA said...

Haha. I always shuffle mine but it drives Aaron nuts.