Friday, November 25, 2011

Rainy Afternoon

It is raining like I haven't seen in what seems forever.  It is the time of year when rain doesn't provide the immediate relief that we so longed for during the summer, but, it may actually do more good.  This one will be good for my pine trees.  Maybe it will replenish some of the soil moisture that was baked out over the summer.

We are listening to an eclectic mix of music as provided by my son and his iPhone on random and run through our surround sound system.  It is just a little while until the LSU and Arkansas game starts.  That's what we are waiting for.

The Aggies and Longhorns played last night.  I was very disappointed in the outcome.  It seems the season has been one of disappointments and poorly played second halves.  The Aggies have a tremendous amount of talent but, for whatever reason, have lost by slim margins in far too many games.  It's as though the other teams adjust at half and they don't.  Hmmmm......makes you think coaching issues.

It is the end of a long rivalry -- or not.  The two teams will play again although it currently looks as though the schedules will not allow it for several years.  I wonder if the War Hymn will be re-written.......

This is definitely the year of the Southeastern Conference.  The top three teams in the BCS poll are SEC.  A&M will be part of that conference next year.  They are going to need to step it up a notch to be a contender. 

This season was long.  Next season may last forever......


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i beati said...

Same thing with my school WVU.However exciting.