Monday, November 21, 2011

The Debt Super Committee Failure

I'm shocked.  Who would have thought that our Congressional Leaders would lack the political will to attack the excessive spending of, uh, themselves?  That's what it is -- a lack of political will.

I am tempted to enter into a lengthy discourse on why the committee was doomed to failure from the beginning, but, I think I will try to distill it down to something a bit shorter.  Let me see if I can put it in bullet points.

  • Money drives politics.
    • It fuels political races.
    • It buys influence with politicians.
    • It buys votes.
    • It lines the pockets of politicians who always leave office wealthier than when elected.
  • There are no true Statesmen in government any more, only politicians.
    • Compromise is impossible when self-interest drives the process
    • Politicians are all about holding office, not about serving the people.
  • There is no common moral compass to provide guidance. 
  • The people of this country are divided.
    • There are those who do what it takes to survive and those who wait for someone to take care of them.
    • There are those who think government should redistribute wealth and there are those who wish to be free to create wealth and keep it.
    • There are those who feel defeated and those who will fight to overcome.
    • There are those who think government is the solution and those who think it is the problem.
  • There are creators and there are takers.
Ultimately, it is the last point that has shaped the debate.  It is a difference in philosophical approaches to life.  There are those who seek to create in everything they do whether it be business or social work.  They are those who wish to empower people to succeed.  The converse is the group whose philosophy is to take what they want from those who have it already.  They are very numerous in Washington these days.  They don't create, they take -- through taxes, through legislation, through regulation, through the courts, and by impeding creation.

The problem with the Super Committee was rooted in this point.  The trouble though wasn't the difference between the creators and the takers, it was much worse than that.  They couldn't decide on the best way to take from the creators -- the American people.  Rest assured, they'll figure it out.

Just my thoughts.....


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