Saturday, October 29, 2011

Watching College Football

Yesterday was the ultimate in baseball with the World Series.  Today is college football.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are looking pretty good against Baylor, but, I still think it is a Geaux Tigers kind of year.

Anyone who reads this blog occasionally knows that I'm a Texas Aggie fan.  I have to be loyal.  After all, when you have a diploma from there it is required.  This wasn't a good day for the Ags.  We have struggled with playing both halves of the game all year long.  I can't believe we let Mizzou do that to us.

My son is at LSU.  The Aggies are heading to the SEC.  If we don't get our act together before next year, I anticipate a bit of gloating on the part of my son.

I probably should be watching Oklahoma and K-State.  It looks like a better game from the score. 

What am I saying?  Why am I vegetating in front of the television?  I could be taking a nap instead......

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i beati said...

The SEC is a mighty strong league , My school WVU is coming there why is all I ask ?? goodbye tradition.